Celebrate my bday by helping refugee families!

- Hashim Warren, born March 3rd

🎊 Hey, hey - March 3rd is my birthday!

This year, instead of coming to a party (😷) or giving gifts, can you please favor me by giving to the good cause I have listed below?

I laid out 3 ways to participate, and two of them cost nothing. Any help is appreciated!

🤍 The reason why my wife and I are helping refugees:

In 2020 my wife and I, along with some friends, studied the books in the Bible about the ancient Jewish Exiles. We were inspired by these brave dreamers who had hope beyond hope, and trusted God’s plan for their lives.

I was surprised by how often the fate of the Exiles was tied to the generosity and faith and bravery of other people. For example, Esther lobbied the king even though it was illegal for her to do so, and it saved her people, the Jews. Likewise Daniel served faithfully before kings and one of them allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem.

That pattern of advocacy, even if it meant personal danger, inspired me and Alex

🎯 Around the same time, an opportunity opened up

Our children’s school participated in a supply drive for a university-based organization that supports refugee families as they settle into Greensboro. Our city has a rich history of welcoming new North Carolinians. The Washington Post even dubbed Greensboro as “a little Ellis Island”. 

Alex and I felt inspired to participate in helping these “modern day Exiles” and we would like you to join us!

3 Ways you can participate

Please choose one or more of the options below.

1. 💰 Monetary Donations (matched up to $500 total)

The first way you can help is by donating to the UNC Greensboro’s “Center for New North Carolinians". Here’s the direct donation link.

It’s tax deductible of course. And all donations made, from now to March 9th, will be matched, up to a total of $500.

When you donate, the site will ask you if you are donating in anyone's name. Write "Hashim Warren" and the CNNC team will let me know.

“The CNNC promotes access and integration for immigrants and refugees in North Carolina by bridging newcomer populations with existing communities through direct service provision, research, and training.”

We’ve become friends with their staff, and we’ve worked with them many times. They are excellent. Take a look at their services and programs. Your contribution will be in good hands

2. 🙏 Pray for the Families and Workers

Please join Alex and I in putting refugee families and the workers who serve them on your prayer lists

Please ask for the families to feel supported as they adjust to a new land, and for their needs to be taken care of. Also please ask God to bless the workers and give them strength, wisdom, and love. 

Lastly, please ask God to multiply the impact of this fundraiser.

3. ✉️ Contact your elected official

You can also let your local elected official know that you are thinking about the public policies that affect the wellbeing of refugee families.

Below I link to resources on finding and contacting elected officials, and I also wrote a simple email template you can use.

  1. Find your NC legislator - ncleg.gov/FindYourLegislators
  2. Find your congressperson - house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative
  3. Contact your Senator - senate.gov/senators/senators-contact.htm
  4. Contact NC Gov. Cooper - governor.nc.gov/contact/contact-governor-cooper

Your letter can be something very simple, like this:

My name is [NAME] from [CITY, STATE].
I am interested in learning more about how your office has supported, and will continue to support the resettlement of refugees in North Carolina. 
Thank you.
Thank you, friends and family for helping to make this the best birthday ever for me! - Hashim

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